The main reason about 2nd World Congress on Pathology and Cancer Diagnosis-2021 "Shaping the Future, Current trends, Advancements, Emerging Challenges and Oncology Research" conference is to discuss about various new upcoming technologies, future and current developments and lines of research determining the future of Pathology & Cancer Diagnosis. Experts from all over world will discuss the pros and cons of all the developments and how the upcoming technologies or procedures will change the face of Pathology, Pathologists, Pathology & Cancer Epidemiology Lecturers. Also, it is a platform, where everyone can share their ideas and interact with global experts to expand their knowledge in the arena of Pathology & Cancer Diagnosis and to build new contacts creating collaborative research opportunities in the sector of Pathology and related disciplines.

The Key Focus of the Conference:

  • To Meet the pathologists from 100+ countries around the globe.
  • To Meet your peers and evaluate your research in front of experts.
  • World-class platform to exhibit your products and services.
  • Special Workshop/ Symposiums, B2B and interactive sessions with industry Sponsors and Exhibitors.
  • More than 100 presentations from Industry and Academia leaders.
  • One- on -one interaction, B2B, and B2A etc.
  • Well organizing program with 5+ hours of networking sessions.
  • Interactive panel discussions and Q&A sessions.
  • Lively Exhibition area filled with the leading industry solution providers.